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Alphabet’s Google Achieves Breakthrough in Research Using Quantum Computer

Alphabet’s Google stated Wednesday it had achieved a breakthrough in computing analysis by using a quantum computer to resolve in minutes a complex problem that will take today’s most robust supercomputer thousands of years to crack.

Google engineers expect that quantum computer systems within a few years will spur developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, materials science, and chemistry. The corporate is racing rivals along with IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp to be the first to commercialize the technology and promote it through its cloud computing business.

The breakthrough was described in a paper revealed in the science journal Nature. It adopted weeks of controversy since a draft leaked over whether Google’s declare of “quantum supremacy” was valid.

IBM stated a supercomputer using a different set-up may resolve the same problem in under three days, while chip manufacturer Intel said: “quantum practicality” remained years away.

Google defended its position, however, didn’t dispute competitors’ contentions. It has created a handful of chips with 54 ‘qubits,’ vastly more potent than the usual 64-bit chip in many consumer gadgets. Nonetheless, for the technology to be helpful to clients, it would need to make chips with thousands of qubits.

Martinis stated Google sees “a pathway” to a computer with 1,000 qubits and expressed confidence that it had a dependable process to make its new chip, called Sycamore.

The U.S. and Chinese authorities have led in the burgeoning quantum technology discipline, committing billions of dollars in investment to the company and state researchers to fast-track quantum growth and mitigate possible problems, including the tech’s anticipated ability to interrupt digital encryption.


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