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CXMT Completes Constructing FAB; becomes First Chinese Company to Do So

ChangXin Memory (CXMT), is now formally the only Chinese DRAM manufacturer to be in production in the marketplace. The firm has completed its Fab 1 and R&D facility located in Hefei, the capital of the Anhui region.

The fab is producing 20,000 wafers monthly and will be producing 40,000 wafers per month by the second quarter of 2020. Other Chinese DRAM manufacturers have either shut down or are years away from production.

The CXMT facility began employing a 19nm process earlier this fall to manufacture LPDDR4, DDR4 8Gbit DRAM products. CXMT built an infrastructure around its plant to house 3,000 employees, together with their families.

Not long ago, several Chinese corporations tried to design and build their DRAM chips to compete against the likes of Samsung and Micron. It became much more crucial for the Chinese authorities to help create competitive DRAM manufacturers as soon as the trade conflict with the U.S. began.

Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company (JHCC), one other Chinese DRAM firm, was shut because of U.S. sanctions after the U.S. government indicted it with stealing trade secrets from Micron. JHICC shared some IP with United Microelectronics Corporations, which the U.S. Division of Justice also accused of corporate spying against Micron.

The only Chinese rival besides CXMT is Tsinghua Unigroup, which is supposed to complete its DRAM fabrication center in 2021. However, TrendForce believes that even when its DRAM products end up being competitive, it might take 3-5 years before Tsinghua can increase production to a vital level.


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