Facebook to Invest $130 Million in Content Oversight Board

Facebook stated Thursday it dedicated an initial $130 million to fund an impartial oversight board, however, it stated it would not declare its members this year, as initially anticipated.

The panel will be able to make final decisions on whether individual items of content – comparable to a sensitive video or ad – must be displayed on the site, even over-ruling CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The panel is one of Facebook’s high-profile efforts to respond to criticism over how it handles problematic content and transparency around its decision-making. It further released an assessment of the human rights impacts of content choices by the board.

However, the board’s creation is delayed, the corporate confirmed in a blog post. Facebook will most likely not name the panel’s co-chairs and first members until after next year, January.

Brent Harris, Facebook’s chief of governance and global affairs, stated the delays have been due to both the unforeseen complexities of creating a trust to ensure the panel’s independence and to the task of lowering over 1,000 nominees to no more than about 40.

He said the recommended members had come via Facebook’s global session process in 88 nations, in addition to the corporate’s public online portal, which started in September.

They range from “former chiefs of state to Nobel Prize winners to people who average groups on Facebook to local judges,” Harris stated.

Facebook plans to declare the panel’s co-chairs, likely to number three, he stated, and the first set of some 20 members after January.

Facebook, as well as its users, can submit cases to the panel, and while it can’t make policy, Facebook might be required to reply publicly to any suggestions.


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