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French Government Reveals Procedure for 5G Permits

The French authorities stated Tuesday it had released a process for assigning 5G frequency licenses after it permitted specifications recommended by the communications regulator and the financial conditions for the permits.

The federal government mentioned in a statement that it had fixed the price of a bloc of 50 MHz at 350 million euros ($386 million), and the value of another bloc of 10 MHz at 70 million euros.

Junior Economy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher mentioned in the assertion that the government and French telecoms regulator Arcep had engineered a mechanism that makes it possible to sell 50 MHz basic blocs at a fixed worth to telecom operators.

In return, operators have robust obligations to deploy their community throughout the French territory, she mentioned.

“These 5G coverage commitments are much bolder than in other European nations and can in future represent a robust factor of our nation’s competitiveness,” she mentioned.

The minister stated November that the 5G spectrum could be sold at a floor price of 2.17 billion euros.

Arcep mentioned in a separate statement that it could use frequencies in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band, and the complete allocation would be for 310 MHz of spectrum.

It stated it could include four blocs of 50 MHz at a value of 350 million euros, and the rest would be blocs of 10 MHz at 70 million euros each.

Arcep added that payments for the 50 MHz blocs could lurch over 15 years and payments for the 10 MHz over four years.

Differences between France’s finance ministry and the telecoms authority over the spectrum to be auctioned and the minimum worth for the blocs had caused concerns that the procedure might be delayed.


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