Google Co-Founders Steps Down Selects Sundar Pichai to Hold helm of Alphabet

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai replaces Larry Page as CEO of parent Alphabet, extending a long retreat from public roles and active administration by Page and Sergey Brin at the firm they co-started 21 years ago.

Page, Brin, and Pichai have all shared an emphasis on developing artificial intelligence software to make web searching and several other tasks faster, while long-time product leader Pichai has ramped up efforts to make such technology available worldwide.

However, the vision faces unusual scrutiny, with governments on five continents demanding better safeguards, less anticompetitive conduct, and more taxes from the world’s most prominent online advertising firm. Thousands of staff have protested, and some have even resigned over ongoing ambiguity over why the “don’t be evil” doctrine famous to Google – and once embraced by Page and Brin – appears to be cracking.

Streamlining administration may help Alphabet better respond to the challenges and deal with growing income, investors stated.

Alphabet, which owns over a dozen corporations, including self-driving automobile technology business Waymo and healthcare software firm Verily, started in 2015 as part of a restructuring of Google.

Page, who is known for having big expectations and powerful thoughts on technological details, had wanted to concentrate on creating those newer businesses, which collectively lose cash.

Page left Alphabet’s biggest and most profitable subsidiary, Google, to the similarly soft-spoken Pichai, who closely delegates to direct reports to manage several product lines.


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