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How Rugged Tablet Market will Dominate the Global Market

Top Players in Rugged Tablet Market are Dell, HP, Trimble Inc., Leonardo DRS, Zebra Technologies, Panasonic USA, S&T AG, Getac, NEXCOM International, MilDef, MobileDemand, Xplore, DT Research, Inc.

The defense sector is predicted to emerge as the leading segment in terms of end-users in the rugged tablet market, finds Fortune Business Insights in a new study. The study is titled “Rugged Tablet Market Size, Share and Global Trend by Operating System (Windows, IOS, Android, Others), By Type (Fully Rugged, Semi-Rugged), By Distribution Channel (Online, Offline), By End-use Industry (Oil & Gas, Retail, Construction, Education, Government, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Others) and Geography Forecast till 2025”. As per this report, the market is anticipated to reach US$ 946.0 Mn by 2025 from US$ 599.1 Mn in 2017, rising at a promising CAGR of 5.9%.

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Rugged tablets are used as smart mobile devices with internet connectivity. These tablets are in high demand across the defense sector of various countries. The wireless features and strong built of rugged tablets make them ideal for use in the defense sector. This, as per the report, is a key driver of the global rugged tablets market. Rugged tablets available in the market often comes with promising features such as water and shock resistance, temperature change, and other in-built upgrades. Increasing awareness about the benefits they offer will fuel the demand for rugged tablets in the international market.

Advent of Android Systems in Rugged Tablets Will Push their Sales

The introduction of the android operating system in the rugged device will give significant impetus to the market. This will help the market gain more traction because the integration of android systems offers easy accessibility and flexibility to operating systems. In military practices, android OS can connect with multiple applications, particularly suitable during emergencies. It is due to this feature that rugged tablets are used during military operations involving fire brigades, police cars, public safety, military vehicles, and ambulances.

In addition to this, rugged tablets find application in various sectors such as aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and other industries. Rugged tablets also boast of high quality. Besides robust features, they are strongly built to withstand shocks even if they are dropped from an elevation. These tablets, unlike several other smart devices, also can survive under. Rugged tablets promise features such as high durability, adaptability, better lifespan, enhanced camera, and several other benefits. Therefore, the global rugged tablets market is expected to witness high demand in the coming years.

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Emphasis on Product Durability and Reliability is Bulletproofing Future of Rugged Tablet Market

Major players operating in the global market for rugged tablets are focusing on the introduction of unique features in their flagship products. Rugged tablets today are light in weight, they have better internet connectivity and can perform multiple functions at the same time. Competition in the market is getting fiercer as established players are increasingly investing in product development to better their offering. The requirement of huge investment is making it extremely difficult for new entrants to survive in the race. Companies are also focusing on expanding their geographical reach in order to grow their business and establish their brand name amidst prevailing competition.

The rugged tablet market, therefore, witnesses Samsung, a company operating n the rugged tablets market, recently launched their new product named Tab Active 2, a military-grade certified tablet with prices starting from 59,990 INR onwards. Such kind of product launches will bode well for the growth of the global rugged tablet market in the coming years.

Key Companies Covered In The Reports

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Trimble Inc.
  • Leonardo DRS
  • Zebra Technologies
  • Panasonic USA
  • S&T AG
  • Getac
  • NEXCOM International
  • MilDef
  • MobileDemand
  • Xplore
  • DT Research, Inc.

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Table of Content

4. Key Insights

4.1. Macro and Micro Economic Factors

4.2. Key Technological Developments

4.3. Value Chain Analysis

4.4. SWOT Analysis

5. Global Rugged Tablet Market Analysis, Insights and Forecast, 2014-2025

5.1. Key Findings / Summary

5.2. Market Sizing Estimations and Forecasts – By Operational System (US$ Mn and Thousand Units)

5.2.1. Windows

5.2.2. iOS

5.2.3. Android

5.2.4. Others

5.3. Market Sizing Estimations and Forecasts – By Type (US$ Mn and Thousand Units)

5.3.1. Fully Rugged

5.3.2. Semi Rugged

5.4. Market Sizing Estimations and Forecasts – By Distribution Channel (US$ Mn)

5.4.1. Online

5.4.2. Offline

5.5. Market Sizing Estimations and Forecasts – By End-use Industry (US$ Mn)

5.5.1. Oil & Gas

5.5.2. Retail

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