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Huawei Looking to Enter Desktop PC Market with Motherboard for Kunpeng 920 ARMv8 Processors

In yet another indication that Huawei is seeking to enter new markets, the company has posted details about a new desktop PC motherboard that’s developed to house the company’s Kunpeng ARMv8 processors that it sometimes makes use of for server infrastructure. These chips will come in four- and eight-core 7nm flavors for the first desktop motherboards, however, it scale up to 64-cores and support PCIe 4.0 for the full-fledged server models.

The brand new desktop PC motherboards and reference system designs, not to mention access to modern core-heavy chips, signifies that Huawei has plenty of choices if it makes a serious attempt at grabbing a piece of the computer market.

There’s been no scarcity of ink spilled on the US government’s restrictions put against Huawei in the name of national security, however, these restrictions are rising the company’s resolve in developing its alternatives to American chips.

The trade constraints against Huawei initially threatened the corporate’s use of ARM processors for its smartphones and laptops, however, recent developments have discovered ARM asserting that it’ll continue to license its know-how to Huawei, and its silicon-spinning unit HiSilicon, after determining that the know-how isn’t subject to US trade constraints.

ARM’s continuing assistance of HiSilicon is vital for Huawei: the corporate is reportedly the largest consumer of TSMC’s 7nm silicon that’s in high demand by a wide range of business juggernauts, along with Apple, Nvidia, and AMD, and those chips currently power 70% of Huawei’s record shipments of smartphones.

Besides, Huawei’s website signifies that it’ll provide reference guides for chassis, cooling, and power supplies, so it seems this design will be opened up to OEMs and ODMs.


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