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Industry Watch over China’s Electronic Vehicle Nio

Some carmakers better embody the “try something new” spirit of China’s mobility growth than Nio, the electrical car startup that boasts swappable batteries; a cutesy, animated, sprint-mounted digital assistant; online-only sales; and stomach-clenching acceleration.

It’s usually billed as China’s wannabe Tesla, though few Individuals have heard of the corporate. Nio already has heaps of cell recharging vans on standby across China’s largest cities and operates a community of battery-swapping stations and quick chargers dotting the nation’s highways and byways.

The carmaker additionally has constructed dozens of Apple Retailer-impressed clients-only Nio House cafes and has a smartphone app with over 800,000 customers. Furthermore, its automobiles are churned out at the latest assembly-line in the west of Shanghai, whirring with trendy robots and more than 2,000 workers.

However, Nio additionally has one thing that no Western firm would covet: It’s awash in red ink. The 5-year-previous startup to this point has offered merely 15,000 autos and past year reported a net loss of $3.39 billion — triple what it was the year before.

Nonetheless, this plucky upstart is popping heads at outdated-guard automakers.

Legacy players from Detroit to Toyota Metropolis see Nio, and numerous Chinese startups prefer it, as a possible model for brand new methods of making and promoting autos in business under siege by modern know-how, electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity.

The upcoming challengers epitomize the ambition and creativity now cracking out of a tradition of homegrown entrepreneurs in the world’s most significant auto market.

“These startups have very revolutionary concepts,” acknowledged Dong Changzheng, executive vice president of Toyota’s China operation. “We’re very critical about their products. We examine them rigorously.”

Nio touts its innovation on several fronts:

  • Its all-electrical autos are full of high-tech digital goodies.
  • Its retail and advertising technique leans heavily on social media and the “neighborhood” beyond automobiles.
  • It contracts automobile manufacturing to a third party manufacturer, as Apple does with cellphones.
  • It has shortened product growth lead time to under three years from the typical five.


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