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Intel Appoints Ex-AMD Executive Masooma Bhaiwala in Its Latest Outside Hire

Inte hires Masooma Bhaiwala, a former AMD official. She is going to lead Intel’s discrete GPU efforts, the first of which can enter in 2020.

Masooma Bhaiwala confirmed her position to CRN as VP, discrete GPU SoCs within Intel’s Graphics and Throughput Computing Hardware Engineering group. That group, in turn, is a part of the Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software program group led by Raja Koduri, additionally a former AMD executive.

Koduri joined Intel two years ago to steer the company’s discrete graphics ambitious to produce a full stack of discrete GPU hardware across all segments.

The position puts her responsible for the corporate’s discrete GPUs from client to HPC. Before she assumed her position at Intel, she was corporate VP of semi-custom SoCs at AMD. Before, she worked as Director of Design Engineering for 14 years at AMD.

Intel’s first discrete graphics chip, DG1, presumably intended for mobile, accomplished its internal power on and testing in Q3 and is about to launch in 2020. Raja Koduri further revealed the 7nm, Foveros-based GP-GPU for high-efficiency computing in November, codenamed Ponte Vecchio.

The transfer is Intel’s newest outside hire. From AMD, Intel has employed names such as Mark Hirsch, Joseph Facca, Balaji Kanigicherla, and Jim Keller. Other modifications include Tom Petersen from Nvidia to Intel, while Chris Hook and Heather Lennon left in November. A few of Intel’s recent outside hires. Outside of its graphics unit includes a Volkswagen VP to Mobileye and, earlier in December, GlobalFoundries CTO Gary Patton.


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