Italy Resumes Operations at Ducato Van Factory in Italy

Fiat Chrysler aims to resume manufacturing of its Ducato light commercial vehicles at its Sevel plant in central Italy on April 27, a week before a national closure imposed by the Rome government is due to end, unions stated on Tuesday.

Italy Resumes Operations at Ducato Van Factory in Italy

The choice to restart production at Sevel, which has been closed since mid-March like most of other FCA’s services in Italy, will also imply restarting some parts divisions at four other Italian crops, unions stated.

The federal government, facing a backlog of restart applications, is relying on tacit consent by native authorities to accelerate procedures.

It lately clarified Italy’s lockdown laws to say corporations don’t need to wait for their local authority’s approval to go ahead with requests to resume.

This means except FCA receives a specific rejection, and the corporate will be allowed to renew operations in Sevel on Monday.

Unions in their assertion called on Rome to offer an immediate response to FCA’s request to provide a guideline covering the auto manufacturer’s numerous amenities spread across Italy.

Unions requested meetings with FCA in the coming days to verify that all agreed well being and safety measures had been in place.


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