Lativa Obtains New Husky Landmine Detection and Path Clearance Programs

The Latvian National Guard, a part of the Latvian National Armed Forces, has acquired Husky landmine detection and route clearance system, based on the press office of the Latvian Defense Ministry.

54th Engineer Battalion, 2nd National Guard Brigade obtained three Husky Mounted Detection Systems, or HMDS, valued at around $7.8 million offered by the U.S.

Under the U.S. Foreign Military Financing Program, the U.S. has provided Latvia with three Huskies, personnel training, and technical help.

The Husky HMDS is a counter explosive hazard system that provides standoff discovery and marking of metallic and low-metallic surface-laid, shallow-buried antitank landmines, trigger mechanisms, and deep buried improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in support of region access route clearance activities. HMDS is a mission gear package installed on the current and programmed Husky vehicles organic to engineer models.

The Husky is like the bloodhound of the pack. That is the vehicle that may travel out in front of the remaining, and search for the hidden dangers. The husky is planned to take an explosion. The front and rear will crumble, while the middle, where the only occupant is safe.

The Husky is in command of saving an indiscriminate variety of lives on its mission up and down the supply routes in hostile regions, due to its ability to search out perils.

The Husky is an efficient and reliable system that has situated thousands of IEDs since the U.S. Military and associates have stationed it.


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