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Mobileeye, NIO Join Hands on Automated Consumer Passenger Cars in China

Mobileeye, NIO Join Hands on Automated Consumer Passenger Cars in China

Chinese electric automobile startup Nio and Intel’s self-driving automotive technology agency Mobileye Tuesday mentioned they might partner to develop autonomous automobiles for the consumer market in China and, ultimately, other international locations.

Under the settlement, Nio will manufacture at mass scale a self-driving system engineered by Mobileye, which can be integrated into Nio’s electric-car consumer lines, in addition to Mobileye’s driverless ride-hailing services.

The self-driving package provided by Israel-based Mobileye contains the vision processing chip, digital camera, radar, and lidar sensors, as well as security and mapping software program.

Nio will also make a version of self-driving electrical autos that Mobileye will deploy as robotaxis for ride-hailing services in international markets.

The organization plan an initial release in China starting in 2022, Mobileye President and CEO Amnon Shashua said in an interview Monday.

Shashua mentioned his firm further had “strategic ties with a lot of Chinese car manufacturers” to work on autonomous vehicles, without adding further.

The Mobileye CEO added that a rollout in China was more efficient because the regulatory atmosphere was centralized, and the Chinese government was working on standardizing Mobileye’s safety model for self-driving vehicles into legislation.

Manufacturers and vendors are more and more skeptical in regards to the rate of adoption of completely automated self-driving programs, because of their high cost, complexity, and regulatory hurdles.

Meanwhile, they’ve started specializing in deploying more advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which share parts, however, cost much less and can generate much-needed income to help defray the price of developing full self-driving programs.

Mobileye Tuesday mentioned it powers ADAS in automotive models of over 27 auto manufacturers.