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MSI Releases New Fleet of X299 Motherboards for 10th-Gen i9 CPUs

MSI is releasing new X299 boards to accompany Intel’s recently launched 10th gen of HEDT CPUs. MSI has three new models lined up: The Pro, the Creator, and the Pro 10G. While these boards are supposed for the brand new 10th-Gen CPUs, customers use them for the previous 7th- and 9th-Gen CPUs.

The Creator is very similar to MSI’s motherboards for AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper: uncompromising in almost every regard besides the price. It’s an E-ATX form factor and encompasses a total of three 8-pin CPU energy plugs, just in case one happens to have one of Intel’s 18-core Core i9 CPUs, and it is advisable to get it to 5 GHz or higher. It comes with four full-size reinforced PCIe slots, three M.2 slots each with a heat guard, and the standard eight DIMM slots seen on other X299 boards. The Creator comes with a ton of I/O.

The Pro and Pro 10G boards are normal full ATX boards and have a cut-down feature set in comparison with the Creator. For example, they only have two 8-pin CPU power plugs and two M.2 slots. These boards do function the same full-measurement PCIe slots; however, only half of them have been bolstered. Sadly, MSI seems to have pared the most on I/O for the Pro board, which only has the bare necessities.

The X299 platform is more than two years old now and hasn’t seen a brand new architecture or node come to it since, however, the platform remains to be kicking because of Intel’s price cuts that can arrive with 10th-Gen CPUs.


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