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Telenor Continues to Use Huawei Gear for 5G Development in Norway

Telenor repeated Sunday Huawei could be involved in developing Norway’s 5G network along with Ericsson, considered one of several firms to continue working with the Chinese firm regardless of U.S. stress.

The chief of Telenor Norway, Petter-Boerre Furberg, Friday said the operator would steadily phase out using Huawei network equipment in Norway over a 4-5 year modernization period.

Huawei faces increased official investigation in Europe in the midst of U.S. allegations that it poses a security menace. The corporate rejects the charges.

Huawei, with which Telenor has collaborated for over a decade on 4G, will proceed to play a role in improving its infrastructure, Hanne Knudsen, Telenor VP for communications said.

Telenor’s Finnish unit DNA also uses Huawei as one of the vendors for 5G RAN, Knudsen said.

RAN, or radio access network, refer to the radios and antenna that connect smartphones to the cellular network and accounts for the majority of the cost of a new network. It’s not the core.

Huawei stated it welcomed competition in 5G and appeared forward to persevering with its partnerships with Telenor.

Telenor is utilizing Finnish firm Nokia and Ericsson for developing its core network.

Last week, Telefonica Deutschland chose Huawei and Nokia to develop its 5G network.


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