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U.S. Delegate Criticizes Nations Welcoming Chinese 5G Networks

U.S. chief know-how officer Michael Kratsios on Thursday criticized nations that “open their arms” to Chinese 5G networks and artificial intelligence applied sciences.

He singled out Huawei, saying Chinese companies can’t be trusted because of laws compelling them to cooperate with their nation’s intelligence services.

Talking at a tech conference in Lisbon, Kratsios stated Europe should “take a stand” with America, which imposed trading restrictions on Huawei in May and urged EU nations not to use its products.

Yet European corporations don’t seem deterred by Washington’s concerns: of 65 industrial deals that Huawei has signed, half are with European clients building 5G networks, the corporate stated in October.

EU legislators avoided explicitly singling out China and Huawei as security threats in the latest report on the danger of elevated cyber attacks by state-backed organizations.

Kratsios met Europe’s antitrust head Margrethe Vestager earlier in the day to discuss “digital concerns”, a European Commission official stated.

In his speech, Kratsios reiterated allegations published by Le Monde in 2018 that Beijing had transferred data from the African Union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa to China for five years utilizing Huawei IT gear.

The $200 million building was funded and built by China back in 2012.

Huawei denounced Kratsios’ comments as “hypocritical and manifestly untrue”, stating that it didn’t have access to African Union records.

The African Union has previously denied claims that Huawei was involved in any cyberattack.


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