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Valve Selling Steam Controller for $5 Each

The Steam Controller was the hype early in development, however, it ultimately noticed few adopters and far less love than the community was anticipating. Consequently, it’s no surprise that Valve has declared that it will not be developing anymore. This comes just a year after Valve stopped Steam Link.

The first Steam Controller was launched in 2013, when it was launched to complement the Steam Link hardware as well as the concept of Steam Machine “PC consoles,” both of which further never gained much traction. It seems that as appealing as it may be to attempt to combine couch gaming and PC gaming, these two worlds merely weren’t meant to be blended.

The controller was, despite its lack of recognition, appreciated for its flexibility and customizability. It had a very controversial plan with two trackpads and a single analog stick, instead of a pair of analog sticks and arrow buttons as provided on most controllers, although this unusual design may very well be part of what kept adoption rates low.

However, the controller is now at a 90% discount and selling for just $5, plus shipping. Hilariously, the delivery costs over the controller itself, so the purchase will end up costing $13. However, even that’s an excellent price. Quantities are limited, and Valve is going to take a longer supply time than normal.


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