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Xiomi Sends Note 7 in Outer Orbit, Returns with Spectacular Images

In one other unconventional advertising tactic, the corporate despatched the Redmi Notice 7 to space. Earlier, when it had launched the Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi had posted movies exhibiting staff stomping on the cellphone, throwing it down the staircase in the garbage can, and even chopping greens on the smartphone, to indicate its sturdiness. The corporate’s newest advertising and marketing stunt, nevertheless, is taking issues to the next level. While in space, the Xiaomi smartphone additionally took some superb photographs at an altitude of 31,000 meters.

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, posted a video (republished by Sparrows News on YouTube) titled “Little King Kong” (translated) on Weibo, which exhibits the Redmi Note 7 is launched into space using a balloon. With this transfer, the corporate is primarily seeking to further strengthen the sturdiness issue of the cellphone, due to the use of Gorilla Glass 5 on both the back and front. The corporate has additionally taken the opportunity to showcase Redmi Note 7’s camera abilities.

However, they say, what goes up should come down! The balloon popped at an altitude of 35,375 meters with 1KPa atmospheric strain. Throughout this whole trial, the Redmi Note 7 survived an internal temperature of 9 degrees Celsius and an outside temperature of -56 degrees Celsius, which is quite exceptional for a smartphone that does not even cost a fortune!

The corporate also took to Twitter to share several photographs that the smartphone took while it was in the outer orbit. It is essential to mark here that the watermark on the pictures mentions the 48-megapixel twin-cameras had been used to make the pictures in space, which signifies that the China model of the telephone was used for the trial.


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